Missing waypoints

I wanted to try out some real world dep/app but then i realized there are some missing waypoints in some regions. For example for the BOBAG 1B Arrival are not all waypoints given. Its not the end of the world and i can live without it but it would be nice to have them.
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It’s like that everywhere it’s like every other one is there except for on the approach cone

IF will no dought be using a well out of date data set for the regions airways , usualy the most up to date plates fir an airfield you will find on jepview

not everywhere. EDDK for example has got the ones you need.

ill check this out. Thanks :)

The waypoints at Seattle region match the current IFR plates :)

Ok cool :) gonna try it some time

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll try and add them soon.


Nice ! Thank you :)

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There is a few missing in SoCal too. Some of the San Diego STARs are missing way points and you have to just use other similar points

This has been fixed, finally. :)

Cool, only took us 6 months!


Ah yes I mentioned this together with MASBO before

Sorry to bump, I didn’t want to create a new topic and risk it being taken down due to duplication, but this is a rather important matter. I’ve noticed a few missing waypoints here and there, ranging from one waypoint missing in an IRL route to an entire airport lacking any of it’s waypoints. It is getting rather tiresome finding coordinates for missing waypoints/VOR’s and pasting them into my FPL. I know the IFAE navigation team is working on this, yet I cannot find any real way to file these issues. This problem was said to be fixed soon from the IFAE, so I wanted to know what the stance was on this. Thank you again for your tremendous dedication to IF, IFAE!


Yes as soon as our website(how we add WPT’s) is up and running again we will be back at work but if you use simbrief it is very easy to get coordinates.


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Thanks for the quick response, glad to see your plans are still on track! I have been using SimBrief for waypoint coordinates, it just gets confusing sometimes, and the fact that you can’t add in one waypoint coordinate is a little constraining for those who like to add in runway approaches on approach as in real life.

Yes it does get annoying but that will change when the website is back up. Also you can’t add in one WPT cordinate because you need latitude and longitude not just one. Also In real life pilots wouldn’t put in the arrival until approach gives them one as variables can change which runway is being used.


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If these are still an issue now. Please drop me a PM so we can discuss this.

-Nav Editor

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