Missing waypoints in Samedan

I’d like to report missing waypoints on approach in Samedan. It is literally impossible to do the approaches which are in the charts without them.

This is the approach

And this is in IF
As you can see the waypoints are missing. The waypoints for the approach on runway 21 are missing too as well as the waypoints for the published departure (SID).
Is there any way that these waypoints could be added in IF? I remember that these waypoints were present a long time ago so it shouldn’t be that hard to add them back.


IF doesn’t have all current IRL versions of SID’s or STAR’s sadly. They do add new/updated ones when ever they do a NAV update all you can do is hope they add it.

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Would it be possible for these waypoints to be added in the next airport/navigation update?

Could you include a link to the source?

@Cameron Here is the link:


I dont know why this link is not working but here is the screenshot of link:

Most the time infinite flight updates with the regular approach and departure procedures that is used in real life. I think this is a scenario where they are missing one, so you might wanna message @airportediting and they mushy be able to fix…

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