Missing waypoint Paris region

I found a missing waypoint in Paris region:

PG 270

I may add some other missing waypoints.

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Could you PM me the link to your source? I’ll try to add it. :)


Does this really belong in #features?

Not sure if this better fits in #live or another category.

Are you requesting to add the missing waypoints in the Paris region or are you simply informing us about the missing waypoints?

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Maybe this waypoint was added to life after the Paris region was added, otherwise we don’t know why this waypoint is not in the simulator.

@Nathan moved this topic to #features for this reason:

And of course I want this waypoint to be added :)


I’ve just added it. You’ll be able to see it in the next update. Thanks for the report! :)

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Thanks Adrien! (20 characters)

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