Missing VOR's?

Im noticing a bunch of VOR’s missing mainly in the mid/midwest of the United States. They show up in the search bar, but when i click on one it doesnt actually show up (unless i copy and paste a route which i rarely do. I like manually imputting them)

Is this a known issue or is it just me? (This has been going on for about a year now.)


Hey, this is a known issue. We’ll try and revisit this soon (we had to remove a certain type of VOR from the map for performance/map tidiness reasons when we expanded our data set).

Thanks for the report!


Yep, it’s not just you. As a frequent jfk flyer, it does bug me RBV doesn’t show up. An easy fix to this is just typing in two waypoints at once, or finding an alternate. For example, near this VOR is many other waypoints I could use instead.

Hmmm, okay. From what I’ve seen this is a common issue and seems to be a result of v20.1 with SIDs and STARs. VORs that are included in SIDs or STARs in certain airports seem to get “lost” by the SID and STAR and unless one includes the entire procedure, the VOR is “invisible”

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Gotcha. Its strange because they show up when you do a copy and paste route just not a direct search so they are there they just arent “there”

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