Missing VORs near LAX and KSAN

Hi. I’ve been flying GA aircraft on the west coast today and I’ve noticed that there are missing VORs: Mission Bay (MZB), near San Diego; Julian (JLI), also near San Diego; Oceanside (OCN), near San Diego; Santa Catalina (SXC); Pomona (POM); Paradise (PDZ); Riverside (RAL); Seal Beach (SLI) and Los Angeles (LAX). I couldn’t put this as a feature but tell me if I need to do anything else. Thanks!

Hey! So they are there, but not really. With there being so many way points in the airport’s procedures, and some of the VORs are not used around the airport. Many of the VORs do not show up on the map because they are not entirely rendered in. But! When you type the VOR into the waypoint search bar they should pop up.

Yeah that’s what I do but then I can’t seem to tune into them or use them as a waypoint. They’re there but they disappear when I try to tap on them. Hope this makes sense.

Hmm. Weird. So… I did find a topic on this made about 3 weeks ago. @Balloonchaser explained it very well and how to work around it.

Las Vegas VOR Not Showing on Map

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Ok thanks, I’ll try to see how I can use them. Was doing some nice transitions over KLAX and enjoying the view. Thanks for your help!

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No problem! Really happy to help you out!

Happy flying, mate!

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Did some more research and this is exactly what’s happening to me. Think they’ll fix it soon.

Mission Bay (MZB) VORTAC
Oceanside (OCN) VORTAC
Santa Catalina (SXC) VORTAC
Paradise (PDZ) VORTAC
* Riverside (RAL) Terminal (T) - VOR - But also seeing it as a VORTAC.*
Seal Beach (SLI) VORTAC
Los Angeles (LAX) High Altitude (H) - VORTACW / TACAN
*-Riverside is probably marked as a VORTAC by NAVBLUE (Navigation Company by Airbus - This company runs Infinite Flight’s Navigation)

This isn’t quite a glitch… Well it is - but it’s not at the same time!

Cameron; one of Infinite Flight’s lead developers, has been working on ways to display VORTAC’s/TACAN’s/DME’s efficiently within the app without using up too much of the map. So as of now, these special types of VOR’s can be searched but will be ‘hidden’ on the map. A ‘fix’ will be implemented in a future Infinite Flight Update


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