Missing tutorials

It’s been a week since the update and it would be great for those these tutorials to be created:

  • A350 takeoff/landing
  • C172 navigation + takeoff/landing
  • TBM-930 navigation + takeoff/landing
  • New navigation
    Does anyoone have any idea of when these tutorials will become available?

The #tutorials category is littered with different tutorials for most of the things you listed.


But the A350 takeoff and landing tutorials aren’t there.

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We are also missing the advanced navigation tutorial.


Might be worth visiting this


Sometimes, when the obvious is out there, and kind words don’t reach the other end, stricter tones may lead to result in the long term! That’s the path @Will_A chose in his reply.

There are many tutorials out here, a little searching will give you them all, watch them and learn, and try out to manage the flight with your own hands too, in the end, you pilot the flight, and you will master it in the end, in your own style.


The TBM has only been updated with a live cockpit. Taking off/Landing is the same. The goal is to get tutorials for all planes but since there are so many it takes time.

Navigation is a very general word. What the buttons are vs what is it they are referencing in details is either a 30 second video or a multi-hour avionics class. Since the release there has been more tutorials released. What is a VOR, how to tune APPR, etc.


You guys have all gone a little bit into attack mode here. He’s correct, there are still tutorials that haven’t been released yet.
I’m sure that they’re working on them and they’ve definitely got their hands full around this time of year, so lets give them some time.

In the meantime, you can visit real world tutorials, x-plane tutorials etc. online to get a rough idea of the process. :)


@Captain_JR I have a few issues with your response, which I’ll share here because I think you are articulating a POV that is shared by many of the Regulars I come across on the IFC, and that I believe is negatively impact the experience of many IFC members:

  1. What is obvious to one person (a Regular who spends inordinate time on the IFC) is not inherently obvious to someone else (e.g. a new user, an infrequent IFC visitor, etc.). The OP is at least aware of Tutorials exist, which would imply to most people that they have at least attempted to look. Let’s not pretend they are all easy to find - the search interface on here is hardly Google quality.

  2. How did you come to your assessment that “kind words” weren’t reaching the other end? Was it based on the fact the OP responded to a post that went into no detail and wasn’t clearly addressing the question he posed with another question? Maybe there is a broader history, but it would seem to this observer (and likely anyone that casually stumbles upon this thread) that @Will_A jumped to a “stricter tone” very quickly.

  3. Even if you think a stricter tone might be the only way to get through, is a public post really the best way to do it? What type of environment does that create in the community? I’d argue it leads to more hostility, more frequently, which has a negative impact on the overall experience. If you really have an issue with a particular individual and their attitude it is almost always better to address it privately than through public shaming.


I feel like I’m going to have to reintroduce „Meditation with Marc“…

Let’s start with the main purpose of this thread:

@Philippe_Gilbert: Some of the tutorials like the Navigation tutorial already do exist and for every new cockpit we already have cockpit tutorials explaining each screen. Have a look at the #tutorials section to find them! Other tutorials might follow later! It’s possible to give the airplanes a try without the tutorials as well. Fly them for a bit and you’ll learn their behavior pretty fast. Regarding the navigation, the recently published Navigation tutorial answers almost every question! 😊

Now, regarding the other messages: Constructive feedback is always appreciated. However, you need to be prepared that you’ll get a response to your feedback. That’s why it’s always important to ask yourself a single question before sending a reply: „Does this need to be public or is it better to send a PM?“. Especially when your response is directed to only one person regarding a matter that probably hasn’t much more to do with the original topic, a PM is most likely a better solution. And no matter if it’s a public thread or a PM: If you think something is inappropriate, you can always use the flagging function.

Thanks everyone, have a good day or night! Take care! 😊