Missing textures?

Don’t know if @RoyalJordanian experience the same thing then?

@RoyalJordanian What kind of sorcery are you pulling?


It’s not an aircraft in beta. If it was, you would just see the white square :)

I know because I saw three people spawn in beta testing the A350 before it came out.

Nah it’s a new livery.

Good point. It can be anything until we actually get a confirmation of something.

Although don’t we already have the -700? lmao

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Happened to me before. Simple restart of the app should do it.

probably just a bug

It wouldn’t be a new livery, you wouldn’t see it if it was.

Try looking through these old topics for solutions…

Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest reinstalling the app.

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This has happened to be before once as well.

No, I restarted and it was there still

Okay I’ll try reinstalling

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no idea what is that, but it looks cool.


Special livery? LMAO

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Let us know if that works! Make sure to save replay files you want.

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Yeah I’m saving them right now. He despawned now so idk if it will show up

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Just out of curiosity what livery were you

Wow air is making a comeback

Now entirely painted pink! LOL

Just a Beta - RTM bug. Or Misha’s personal plane, I’ll let you choose which one you want it to be.