Missing texture and falling trough the ground at MIA

Hey guys,
taxing to the runway at KMIA (RWY09), first the Nose Gear and Bottom Camera lost the Ground Graphic (taxiway texture), shortly before arriving the runway i fell trough ground.
I read about this beforde (at least i think) so to avoid a speed violation i quickly left the game

iPad Air 2:
IOS 13.3.2:

Hi, a simple use of the clear scenery cache button (Settings → General → Clear Scenery Cache) followed by an app restart will fix the issue for you.

i just cleared the cache just before starting the flight. i do this all the time

Well, it happens, and it’s really unfortunate when it does. Just make sure you restart your app after clearing scenery cache.

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yea absolutley, just wanted to report this combined with the missing textures,