Missing taxiways

It has happened to me 2 times. when arriving at barcelona airport the taxiways are missing. It has not happened to me in other airports at the moment and only when it is my destination airport. If I start the flight from here, it doesn’t happen.


This may be an issue with your scenery cache. Have you tried clearing your scenery cache, restarting your app and then seeing if there is still an issue?

This is a known issue change the 3d building settings make them appear

I will try it, thank you!

In my case the runways do appear, but not the taxiways. anyway, barcelona airport doesnt have 3D buildings. Thanks for your reply.

I know. If the taxiways aren’t loading change the 3d graphic settings. I have found that to be helpful even if you are not at a 3d airport

Ok, thank you so much for your help!

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Let us know if that helps!

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