Missing Taxiways at NSFA

I just landed in NSFA from Fiji and I Am shocked at how terribly they 3D built this airport almost like you guys are lazy you guys left out the taxiway

Hey, have you tried changing your 3D graphic settings?

Empty cache and restart before you get all emotional and call people lazy.

Hey, that’s a cool wide screen btw, are u using Samsung Galaxy Ultra?


no iphone XR

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3D graphics are on high
how do we solve this?

does it work for you guys

If in a flight, change your object density to medium and then back to high. You can also clear your scenery cache to limit this from happening during future flights.


Hi! I’d recommend you exit your flight and start a new one. When the taxiways disappear occasionally, this method works… for me at least.

This is a bug, not something intentional, so don’t start calling people lazy; it wasn’t their fault.

Hi! As it has been mentioned before, this is indeed a bug. There are taxiways available at this airport.

  • Did you change your graphic settings during the flight?
  • Did you experience any connection issues during the flight?

To fix this, clearing your scenery cache might indeed be a solution. If this doesn’t work, after restarting the app and spawning again, the taxiways are usually back again so you can enjoy this nice airport with all its 2D and 3D elements!


Some time this happens to me but I just exit and come in again

They are not lazy they do an amazing job on infinite flight creating new planes and 3D buildings and added new regions in 21.5 I would recommend you changing your post and remove terrible and lazy and apologize. Its a bug just respawn or redownload the app and it should be fixed.

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they want you to use grass instead of concrete taxiways for ✨ diversity ✨


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