Missing Taxiway Section at KBTV


I was flying out of Burlington International Airport the other day and I noticed that taxiway Golf is missing a section of current airport layout in the sim. (From runway 1/19 to the GA parking.)

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a in game picture at the moment. I will add it upon request as soon as I can address it. For now I’ve provided a diagram of the current airport layout

Is this something planned to be added in for a future update?

Not sure if this was the correct topic section for this kind of post, but I was informed by some kind folk on the discord channel to address this issue in features and not support.

Thanks again!


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Hey there,

Since this is an issue concerning scenery editing, when and if this will be addressed in due time is not certain given the nature of the team not taking on board general requests at this time. All that can be certainly said is that the suggestion has been made, and the duty of this is left to whoever is willing to do address this.



Good to know,

Thanks again for the information and your response.

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