Missing taxiway(s) @ WSSS

Taxiway Echo Papa (EP)

  • Continues from junction of North Cross 3 (NC3) to North Cross 2 (NC2)
    Taxiway Echo November
  • Taxiway at the end of RWY 20C


Google maps:



Nice finding. I’m sure it’ll be easy to fix.

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@Kilt_McHaggis might be able to fix this

I’ll fix it ;)

Kilt isn’t the only editor :)


I have assigned @dush19 to fix this. Lets see how long he takes :)


Is Kuwait done @Kilt_McHaggis

Fixed, thanks for reporting

@dush19 do you know if kuwait is finished

I already told you


Taxiway EN (Echo November) doesn’t seem to be there :/

Neither does EP

This airport is currently about to be given a little love @Nick_Art

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I really hope in the next update the developers will add this additional EN (Echo-North or Echo November) that leads from North Cross 3 to the start of runway 20C… It’s really a useful taxiway for departures from 20C especially when you are given takeoff clearance before getting onto the runway itself. Turning into 20C from Echo One is more time consuming especially when you are using a widebody. Thanks :)

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