Missing taxiway lights

I believe I read somewhere that all airports were supposed to be getting taxiway lights. However, I checked out my home airport, KROC, and it only has hold short lights, approach lights and a few scattered edge lights. In real life, it has blue edge lights along all the major taxiways. Is there a reason for this discrepancy, and would it be possible to fix?

The thing that I read said “most” airports, so it’s possible that, unfortunately, your airport probably doesn’t have them yet.

Idk for sure, so maybe a staff member can give a better answer.


That would make sense, however it did get some new lights in this update, just not all the ones it should have.


The reason of this discrepancy is due to the way the edge lights were added in the previous editing system. When imported over to the new system, the lights that were directly linked to the pavements were not carried over, meaning only lights that are linked to lines will show.

Unfortunately we’re unable to give a time that this can be fixed at this airport, however we now ensure lights are correctly assigned before allowing an airport to be published in future updates, meaning that 3D airports will likely provide the best experience for accurate taxiway lighting.


Are 2D airports still being edited or only when they are upgraded to 3D?

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2D and 3D airports are all being worked on, we unfortunately are not able to give a time or date of completion on any airport/project. :)


I took a flight to OAKB for a test on the bee lights and, the airfield didn’t have any taxiway lights,only approach lights and some Rwy lights!

What was said above applies here as well.
It had edge lights in 2D editing but they fall under the technical category that was lost in conversion.
It will stay like this till a editor comes along and fixes this.
No due date can be given.

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KMYR didnt have any taxi lights showing at all when i just landed there (at night) and was wonding if it was the same issue?

Looking at the airport, this would indeed be the issue. :)

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