Missing Taxiway @EGBE / Coventry Airport

At Coventry Airport / EGBE in the London region, there is no taxiway, however there is a centreline. Please see to understand:

As you can see it is very strange.

Also note the hold short point doesn’t cover the whole taxiway:

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@Kilt_McHaggis take a look at this one

I’ll check it out right now 👍🏽

Added to the issue tracker. @Samuel123abc assign yourself if you’re gonna do it

I see the issue. Will assign myself. Expect new scenery for this airport in next update.

Thanks for noticing the issue @Freddiefrogs

I may have been responsible for this… I fixed it before now. @Samuel123abc there is no need.

Looks like it has been fixed by IceBlue

Yes, I know. Just figured that out after a small amount apof time after my post.

What about that random stretch in the middle?

Which one? The green one? That’s a grass taxiway.

The very ones are concrete taxiways and the dark grey are buildings.

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Ah, okay, I understand. Will the taxiway be like a grass runway then or just normal airport terrain?

It is a grass taxiway in the model (as shown above) otherwise it would be empty and filled with terrain from below. That area of the airport is typically not used for normal aircraft.

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