Missing Taxiway Centreline @EBBR

Ar Brussels Airport, parts of the taxiway are missing in several places. I only taxid in the area around runways 20 and 25R but there could be more elsewhere.




Will check later. Not sure when the last airport push was. This airport has been modified recently I think. Last major rework was done 11/23/15.


This hopefully should be sorted in the next update.

Further translation. I think this may already be fixed but will check when I get home to make sure. 😀

Seemed like you were speaking a bit too much editor… :-P


Here is the view of the lines now committed. Hope this is the spot!

I’ll have a thorough check of the airfield today, just to see if there are any others. I think I can see one part not connected on your map.

@Freddiefrogs even if you find any more, they will 99.9% be fixed.

Okay… I forgot to even look…

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No you miss the point. Airports are released in batch. The last load was mid November 2015. If I make a change in the library you will not see any changes until a batch is pushed.

I know, they come with the updates. I was gonna check the rest of the airport but I don’t have the time any more.

Got it on my list after I complete KORD

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When is this next “Scenery Update” Hopefully it’s before New Year!

cough, KPAE, cough

Cough, Damn you, Cough ;)

Just realised how weird you must be to have an eye like the emoticon’s when you wink.

Oh no, my eye is falling off. xD

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Their wink was originally this: “|” (but shorter (the inverted commas are eyelashes)). Then some old grump threw a rock at it and it became indented like this: “,”. After the being hit, the eyelashes proceed to float a few millimetres above the dented, closed eye.

I have an incling that Cameron just might request an airport update very soon. I may be wrong. I’d better get KORD done quick just in case!