Missing taxiline at MMTJ

Check again.

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Okay, so there is one missing but that picture you edited is wrong.

Also, we can claim that it is not missing - the closest to the side is just the side of the taxiway.

And the centreline heading to the left on the last picture is missing. There is one going to the right, and the one that I added which isn’t there when compared to the real life image from Google Earth.

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Still. But we’ll see what AET (The Airport Editing Team) does.

I’ll fix it


Good to know. Thanks.

See there was a missing taxi line

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Fixed :)

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Also, just a quick note. Kilt is an airport editor, but he isn’t the only one :)

HEY!! Please do not offend people!! Even though I wear glasses, because I was born with bad eyes, that doesn’t mean that you can offend people. Also, I had my opinion.

Still not fixed.

Laura pulled the scenery before Dush committed. It’ll be fixed in the next airport update.


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