Missing taxiline at MMTJ

Found through Google Earth that this taxiway was missing on IF.
@Kilt_McHaggis can you fix it?


MMTJ Hasn’t been updated in a while and we use bing maps and they need an update. I’m sure someone can fix this one up.

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And that looks like a road way not a taxiway.


Look at the high speed taxiway in both screenshots.

That’s a road not a taxiway.

I’m not talking about the road. Look at the high speed taxiway. Compare the one in which I have the aircraft and the IRL screenshot.

Are you talking about the missing taxiway line?


What about it other then the lines messed up. The taxiway still exists.

Let me edit it.

Mistook taxiway for taxiline. That’s what’s missing.

Corrected. It was the taxiline.

But it’s not missing either it’s just not right

It is missing on Infinite Flight. It can clearly be seen on the outlined area.

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It’s not look to the right of your plane and there it is, just not centered

Thats the taxiway limit line.



There is nothing missing. One goes into the runway on the side, the other goes to the other direction, not both ways. The third one goes along the side, same direction as the middle one. NOTHING MISSING, PICTURES COMPARED.

With the real life one? You can clearly there’s one missing.

Haha I can see its missing. Its not that hard to notice


Everything iš right to me.