Missing taxi line and terminal! (SASJ)

Hey! I was today doing flying with Norwegian 737-800 from SABE to SASJ. And I noticed something weirdthat when I was landing I noticed that there are no lines and no terminal…??? Can this be added?.

You are IFAET, it’s your job to do it 😉


Not my job to do that was hoping someone else can do it 😅… have all ready a airport I’m working on hehe.


The #support category isn’t the place to request this. We have our own category and Discord server for any communcation for editing.

In other news, thank you for volunteering to take this on as your next airport! I look forward to assigning you soon! :p


Well I’m sorry my bad to bring this up but I wasn’t saying that I want to be signed to this airport 😅… you can guys can just turn off the topic :)

If its not a job you’re willing to take, I suppose you don’t need to be in editing anymore…