Missing Static Wicks

Just a small thing that I don’t really need fixed but just an OCD thing:
Yeterdee I flew on this wonderful plane and noticed these things:

However they are not in IF

I know this is not the render distance thing because I am zoomed all the way in and you can see the other pokey things on the wing

Not a request

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Really @Chief305 I am not requesting nothing…

This is more of a request in my eyes as it’s not a glitch or a bug or something missing, this is something that can be added in future reworks.

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I’m not voting for it so… close it I guess? Just wanted to be pointed out to the devs

This is something the sharklets and fence wing tips have but it’s just not on the IF Model, perhaps bring it up on a A320 family rework topic but it’s very minor.

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The things at the end are called static whicks! All airplanes have them

I do not want to request this btw…

Pokey things are static wicks. I’ll bring this up in the beta group to see if its something such as a graphical issue or if this was intentionally left out. Some areas aren’t able to be textured or have graphics placed on them. The wing fences have them on A319 for example, but not sure if they’re supposed to be on the winglet that you have pictured.


And just leave the topic in #general until a solid answer is received. Thanks.

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I’ve noticed that ages ago but I didn’t really mind cause it’s such a minor detail.Porbbaly may be added in an A320 Fam rework

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I’m surprised because I know a lot of the aircraft in Infinite Flight have them. I thought I’ve seen them on the a320, but I guess not. Hopefully they are added though.

I think is very details to add aircraft.
The Infinite Flight graphics and datails is nice.

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