Missing Stand Guidance at EIDW Terminal 1

I flew into Dublin yesterday with Ryanair and whilst de-boarding, I noticed that there was stand guidances on the side of Terminal 1. When I got home I checked Infinite Flight to see if they were added when EIDW received the stand guidances as part of 22.1 and they weren’t there.

Here’s some pictures I found:

No source found

Now, I only know that Gates 121-127 have stand guidance. I am not sure whether the other side of the terminal has it and I can’t find any recent pictures from that side of the terminal.

Thank you, if anyone has found a similar topic to this then let me know.

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This has been forwarded to the editor internally.


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Thank you Ruan!

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Here’s some information I’ve found about the use of the Stand Guidance at Dublin. There is no list of gates that have it, but it does include a list where it is absent.

Hope this helps.


That’s great! Thanks a lot @LordWizrak mind passing this on to the editor also please!

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