Missing sound of air hitting the aircraft when flying after update

This is a small issue but I really want the developers to bring this back. So since the August 2015 update, I noticed that when I’m in HUD or cockpit mode, I can no longer hear the sound of air hitting the aircraft when the aircraft is flying fast at cruising altitude (around 275 knots or faster). My device is iPad Air 2 iOS 8.4.1.


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Dude, why are you still here? You have nothing but bad things to say. Yet you continue to stay. Honestly, I would just leave now.

@Thomas_Galvin. Noted a lot of folk like you are telling constructive commentators to just go away. Careful Thomas there are sharks in these waters. A rant is good for the soul plus it stimulates change. Regards, Mad Max Sends


Yes, in some ways I agree with you. But what he was saying was just disrespectful, I took it that way. Maybe you or other people think that’s fine. I feel like he is directly saying that this game sucks so much, you have to say this verbally.

I think you mean the engine noises

No, of course I can hear the noise of engines, what I mean is the noise of air hitting the plane. It will not be heard during taxi and takeoff roll, but after takeoff as the plane speeds up, that noise of air will gradually come in. This makes the game feel more realistic. But after the update, I couldn’t hear that noise. ( Sorry, it’s hard to explain)

No, I understand what you mean, and I can not hear that sound (in fact, I never noticed it thanks to the fact that I did not know about this)

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