Missing SID in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

I know I’ve posted such a thing before but who knew it became a trend just minutes ago!

Anyways, these are missing:

  • MASBO (use GUPTA as reference)
  • TOMAN (use HOSBA as reference)

I believe there are more so I will look through and update this as and when is needed.

@Swang007 for move to Features, thanks.

Guys, don’t forget about http://gis.icao.int/icaoviewernew/

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Moved to features :)

MASBO was added earlier today, where is TOMAN?

How is it features ?

Thanks! I must say I was probably one of the people who suggested this like crazy and people kept condemning me about it :P

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You aren’t in the trend yet?

This is why: [quote=“Swang007, post:1, topic:31119”]
If you like to follow real-world approach charts and notice that any of these navigational aids are missing or out of position, feel free to make a feature request in #features!


I haven’t seen MASBO yet… I will look out for an update later… TOMAN is here: http://gis.icao.int/icaoviewernew/#/105.7875/1.3655/8

Do you have a specific SID or STAR that we can use to find fixes & their coordinates? Individual fixes don’t help much

All these corrections we make won’t appear in Infinite Flight until the next update

Yes I understand, which is why I said I will look out for the next update…

I couldn’t find a place to search for fixes on this website btw

“Find Aeronautical Data”

Just found it. Kinda tired sorry!

No worries, it takes a bit of a skill to use that map actually ;)

Page 429 onwards