Missing Section of Terminal 2 @ MMMX


After hearing from a fellow IFC user in a Discord Server that a part of Terminal 2 at MMMX is missing, I decided to look into this and found this to be true.

As 3D structures at MMMX in Infinite Flight were most likely nearing completion/completed while real-life construction was ongoing, I don’t fault anyone for missing this. However, I am kind of shocked that a construction zone wasn’t added.

Below, I’ve attached three images to compare the earliest available imagery showing the construction, the latest imagery with the completed construction, and what this area looks like in Infinite Flight.

01/2020 Imagery (Earliest imagery with construction visible)

04/2021 Imagery (Latest imagery with construction completed)

Infinite Flight

To back this up, it appears that this area consisted of seven remote stands, and in 2019, AICM decided to construct an addition to Terminal 2 to reduce passenger transfers.

I’d sincerely appreciate it if this could be looked into.



I think (don’t quote me on that) most of these airports are constructed way in advance, probably at least month or so from the update. It could be possible that the satellite imagery of that terminal just wasn’t even there at the time of making it. Or, if they did develop it after the time of the scenery being available, they may use a different 3D mapping system (possible Bing or whatever else is out there), that sill may be a bit behind. (Again, don’t quote me on that.) I haven’t seen many other construction sites in 3D in the game, so could be possible that they still haven’t worked on it, and maybe it’ll be added soon.


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