Missing Rolls Royce Logos

Hello, the two liverys of the A339 aircraft are without the RR logo. The real photos are in accordance with the IF Aircraft Registration / Prefix

Garuda Indonesia


Far from being a problem, just a detail, a correct RR logo should be black, not blue

both aircraft in the CS-TUG photo

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RR logo is blue on Trent 7000, color may change because of perspective change.

Strange that those details were missed, a shame really. Hopefully they get fixed soon.


I can’t see blue here, for me it’s black

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It could be an issue with © copyrights. If Rolls Royce doesn’t want their logos in the game, than IF is obligated to follow their requests.

I believe that’s not why

because the logo is present in other colors

For me it’s certainly blue :)


Logos are seen on every aircraft pretty much and from every engine operator, especially on the recent releases where there are PW, GE and RR logos.

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I think this can be fixed in a future hotfix if it has, given other issues with liverys on the A339

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Great spot mate!

Actually, Rolls Royce uses both black and blue logo color. As @Chatta290 said, it depends on the aircraft and engine design. Some have black logo, some uses blue logo.