Missing Red Tip on Singapore Airlines' A350-900 Flaps

Firstly, I would thank the developers for the amazing update of the A350. I really love it and I can simply say this is the best update ever since Global update in my opinion. But I’d raise a small problem that I think could get developers’ attention if a hotfix will be released

In Singapore Airlines A350, there are some red tip on the end of the aircraft flaps like the one pictured below


However in Infinite Flight, the red tips don’t exist on the aircraft’s flaps like the one pictured below

Hopefully the tip could be revised a little bit like the one in real life if possible.


Hi George, nice catch however this issue is more complicated than one may think. The developers are aware and once they are able to iron out some complexities this may or may not be introduced into the aircraft models. Time will tell 👍