Missing purchase

I bought A330 with all liveries in infinite flight but I didn’t get it. Money was cut but planes hasn’t arrived yet. Restore purchase don’t work.

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We have a support category, it’s used for issues like this. :)

I’m guessing that you didn’t follow through with the purchase correctly. If it said purchased successful than it should become available and you just download it.

Check you payment service, see if everything is working.


Please provide us with the type of device when requesting support. Proof of purchase is good also.


I am iOS. I don’t have apple invoice.

Purchased was successful but it didn’t come.

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An Apple Invoice is sent to your email whenever anything is purchased, even on an iOS device.

I didn’t get that. They didn’t mailed me!!!

Well then you werent charged, go to reportaproblem.apple.com and see if they charged and then ask for a refund. You can always by directly from IF (same price and works really good). its account.Infiniteflight.com (make sure you sign in same account you use on your device)

Hi, go to this SITE and login with your Apple ID and password and check your purchases. Here you can see Apps,Movies, IAP-Purchases and all stuff you bought. Check if you can find your Plane here…if so hit report a problem, than you get the money back after a few days…than reinstall IF App and try to buy again…

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