Missing planes

This last update is actually the best update infinite flight simulator has ever done , and I congratulate to all of our membership because we are the ones who tell this guys what to do with the simulator thanks to our comments in the description of the app . But the question I do have is
Are there any airplanes missing??
Because I do know lots of them such as iberia a340-600 , airbus beluga, airbus a350XWB , CD919, Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, to mention but a few more.

Aircraft take time to make, they can’t just make a Beluga or an A350 overnight. Globals point was to make flight around the world. Not to make new planes

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You can utilize the search bar to look for feature requests in #features. If you want it so much, you can vote for it!
And once you are TL2, you can make your own feature request! (Just remember to search for a dup ;)