Missing pilot voice in android device

I found there is only one voice for me to choose on my new Samsung C9 pro. I think the British voice is no longer advillable for me. Is there any solution?

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The situation is like this

Just going through the obvious helpful post that usually gets the problem fixed…

have you tried uninstalling IF and installing it again? Usually that does the trick with tis problem


I just got a Samsung and it is the same thing for me as well. I haven’t found a solution though.

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Do you have Text to speech enabled*

Yes, I have already enable it, and I choose the text to speech engine of Google.

I have just reinstall infinite flight and it is solved. Thank you for your useful advice


Are all android devices meant to have all them voices? My huawei tablet does but my Samsung galaxy A5 only has two voices USA and English.
I’ve just reinstalled it on the phone and it’s still the same.

All Android devices, and usually apple too have access to the “Google TTS (text to speech)” utility as linked below.

Make sure it’s fully enabled and set as default, then your devices should have full access the voices in game!

Thank you mate I’ll have and look to see if it’s enabled. I have it installed so hopefully that will work. Cheers.

Perfect Thank you. Worked a treat. It was set to Samsung text to speak

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