Missing nose cone/radome "seal" on B777-300ER

As the title says, there is a missing black seal/ring around the radome/nose cone on the 77W (not the other 777 variants). It’s a minor issue, but it annoys me a bunch. The issue has been around since the August 2016 update (release of the 787 and reworked 777). Of course, I have restarted my device.

With low graphics settings

With high graphics settings

As the pictures show, I can “see through” the gap between the nose and the rest of the aircraft.

How to reproduce:
Open IF and spawn in any 777-300ER at any airport with any graphics settings

SHIELD Tablet K1
IF 18.3.6754.7361

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I think that this is a known issue and will get fixed once the aircraft gets a 3D-model-rework.