Missing MH370 plane ‘was carrying a mystery extra passenger who seized control of the packed jet before it vanished from radars’

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Volunteer investigator Andre Milne said he has been trying to solve the riddle ever since the jet vanished over the Indian Ocean in March 2014.


I saw this aswell but i think people are just finding something to blame it on as there are dead ends for all the other theories


I do agree, I just think its strange how they have not given up on this whole thing!

Well they have as the search has stopped but I personally wanted it to continue as I’m intrigued to find out what happened

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Wow if this is true it would be one o of the greatest mysteries of all time

True. I don’t think that the aircraft was too blame for this though.

That looks like a crazy conspiracy theory to me. Most of the evidence points to the captain being the culprit.


Is The Sun a reliable source? Not an American, but doesn’t seem like, say, BBC, NYT, Washington post, etc…

Yeah. That title sounds like someone got high on crack before writing it

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Well… it’s The Sun, so I ain’t reading that!

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Well in comparison to CNN, The Sun is in fact Fake News.


What do you mean? So it’s not reliable?

The title is too long in my opinion. Maybe consider shortening it?

Well it could be possible seeing the French said no one on board had a reason to crash the plane. But what about security footage, surely spot someone there.

Need proof otherwise I stick to the captain took control of the plane theory.

Does anyone know how long it took to find the Titanic? What if in a few centuries they find the 777 somewhere deep in the ocean🤓🤔

Is this a duplicate? There’s already a thread on MH…or is this thread just on the cmjencture of a possible hijacking?

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“Volunteer Investigator”

Now there’s some euphemistic nomenclature.


No, this is a different story. More of a conspiracy.

It’s notoriously a shock-rag/tabloid. Not a serious journalistic enterprise. (Doesn’t mean they never print something true, but journalistic integrity isn’t at the top of the Mission Statement.)

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My parents used to work for MAS and they were really worried if anything would have happened to them the day after. Many pulled out from MH 370 leaving the following day as they were quite afraid.