Missing METAR data at some airports

When i spawned at KFXE right now, and opened the map, i noticed there is missing METAR at some airports like KATL, KBHM, KACK, KPWM, etc. Do i restart the app or is there an issue?

Some airports simply don’t report METARs… However, I have noticed some airports that do report them haven’t been since the most recent update, 20.3. I believe this is a known issue, but I could be wrong. It seems that I am currently getting a METAR for FXE, are you still having this issue?

So I’m currently in Infinite Flight spawned in and I looked at those specific airports METAR and I see that every airport you listed has the METAR listed. So, I think it’s an issue on your device. Try restarting your device.


I spawned into the above airports shortly after you posted. The airports were not showing any weather. About 5 minutes later, the system must of refreshed, and the airports were showing a METAR again. In saying that, as others have said, are you still experiencing an issue with this?

It’s still with the “No weather”. i’m currently on a flight.

I’ll try this shortly.

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Did it work for you?

Yep. It worked!

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