Missing Manufacturers

Shouldn’t the manufacturers for these aircraft be credited as well. All other aircraft have their manufacturers listed.

Fairchild A-10
Boeing F-18
Grumman F-14
Lockheed F-22
General Dynamics F-16C
Lockheed P-38
Supermarine Spitfire
American Champion Super Decathlon


F-18 is McDonell Douglas

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MD is now Boeing, and Boeing currently makes the F18.


The make a different version of the F-18 the F/A-18E/F


Either way, they should still be credited.

It’s Boeing!!!

It is McDonald Douglas. Boeing never made that version of plane because mc Donald Douglas was bought out after it went out of production.

But Boeing owns it, it is Boeing aircraft not MD. Why? Boeing bought MD so Boeing owns all MDs building designs etc. It is clearly stated that Boeing owns it @AirbusA350 MD may have designed it but Boeing owns it…

Yes but they never bought the rights for that version. They bought them for the f/a18, but not that specific version.

They still own it, maybe not the test model but 70% of armys using the F18 have the F/A-18 and 30% for the F-18

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