Missing internal APU sounds for A380, E175, and E190

Hello support,

I seem to have a recurring problem regarding the internal APU sounds for the A380, E175, and E190. When in an external view I can hear the sounds just fine, but not when in the cockpit view.

I first noticed this issue with the E175 and E190 when they were released way back, but didn’t think anything of it.

Upon installing the latest A380 update today, I was disappointed to not hear them in that aircraft as well.

I have no issues with any other aircraft in Infinite Flight besides these three. I can hear all others internal APU sounds loud and clear.

All things said, this is certainly not a dealbreaker by any means- I love the new A380 update and will be flying it plenty.

Is this a known issue? Or is something wrong with my device?

Thank you in advance 🙏,


Device: iPad Air (4th generation)
Operating System: iOS 17.3.1


With the E-Jets, the interior APU sound not playing is an issue already known, however it seems to be a low priority issue since it hasn’t been resolved since its release

With the A380, I would assume (since it just came out) that it has a similar situation to the E-Jets where the interior APU sound does not play for some reason

Yeah it’s a bit weird since it uses the 777 sound pack. The 777 & 330 have APU sound inside.

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A320 family has the same issue. It’s been like that since APU was introduced. I’m not a coder so correct me if I’m wrong but this seems like it would be a relatively easy fix no? I was especially surprised that the A380 didn’t have APU sounds either.

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Can any dev answer this?

Eventually, yes. We’re prioritizing other issues to look at right now :)

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