Missing instrument in the cockpit

Is it just me or some aircraft is missing the weather radar that show red or green colour on the radar

Weather radar has not been implemented in Infinite Flight.


I can maybe help explain better if you include an image and/or the aircraft types that you are talking about when you are saying some do/do not but here is a theory that could help explain what you might be seeing?

Adding onto @FlightGT as they are right in their answer, some aircraft do not have functional screens, but instead have photos/still images in these places that look like the screens to simulate a cockpit, and some of these “fake screens” do have the weather radar (red or green color as described) in the image, an example being the CRJ family. BUT the newer aircraft that do have the “real live” screens that function do not have the weather radar function as stated above and that’s why you don’t see that on planes such as the 757,A220, ETC.


Oo okie thanks for the clarification

In the IF world everyday is a beautiful day, clear skies, sunny, maybe the wind may surprise you or you may find some ‘haze’ but no clouds, no thunder, no rain, no hale.

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Just to clarify that we do have clouds, but it’s only just V1 of it.

True! But here in The Netherlands we are used to real clouds: ‘Dutch mountains’.

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