Missing In App Purchases

When I connect to a WiFi network, I have all of my purchased aircraft, but the moment I turn off WiFi and exit the game, I lose them. It wouldn’t be an issue if I had Internet, but I don’t, so I can’t use any of them unless I’m online. Any ideas/suggestions?


I’ve never experienced this before. Maybe all the files aren’t downloading for offline use properly?

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oh i know what you mean, i have live+ and it does that to me, so what your gonna do is put your device on airplane mode and reopen IF (then turn off airplane mode once in). Make sure IF is force quit (on IOS you double tap home button and swipe up and on Andriod i think you go to settings and force quit the app)

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Okay, I just tried it, and it’s not even letting me use them online. I’ll include images.

Online right?

Can’t even download them now…

I finally gave in and re-downloaded Infinite Flight and all of the aircraft, and it seems to have worked for now. Though part of me thinks that this isn’t the last time I’m gonna see this.

1)Deleted Infinite Flight App, 2)Restarted your mobile, 3)installed again, 4)Loged in
hope its working…

Don’t know what is the problem, but it happened me once. I uninstalled the app and reinstall again. Then after good to go. No issues yet. Hope, you also will net get any in future… safe flying…

All you have to do is restore purchases. And what “restore purchases” do is to fix all the aircrafts

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