Missing GRADE 5

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you a problem that is happening to me sometimes, and I don’t know if it’s just me
I finished a flight without any violations or anything like that, and I still got down from GRADE 5

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I would put this in the #support section. It’s more likely staff will see it then.

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It would help to see your stats through you sending a screenshot of your grade table so we know what is wrong. It is very much possible that you simply are not completing the minimum frequency of landings.

Grade 5 requires, among other things, having 180 landings in the last 90 days. Could you check your stats how many do you have?

I was already grade 5, because after I ended the flight I went back to grade 4
and now it says that there are 25 landings left for me to go up again

I fly every day… that must be a problem


The reason for this is that you’re required to have a certain amount of landings per 90 days for each grade level.

For example, if you did 25 landings 91 days ago then these would of now disappeared from your 90 day landing statistics therefore the reason for you now requiring another 25 landings to reach Grade 5 again.

Hope this makes sense and provides some clarity!

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That means you haven’t met the requirements for Grade 5, unfortunately. To reach Grade 5, you need to perform some touch and go’s, and with those, you should be able to meet the requirements in no time.

The hard thing is, it’s not enough to reach the Grade 5, you have to work to maintain it.

You have to land some more in 90 days, and you 'will be done

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cara, estava com 167, e depois mudou para 142…
é normal?

You probably did 25 landings 91 days ago…so now those are not counted in the 90 day landing count.

You need to keep doing landings in order to maintain Grade 5.

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really thanks for helping.
i thought it would be some kind of problem happening to me

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