Missing general aviation apron at Figari

The general aviation at Figari (LFKF) is missing. The spawning positions are there but the actual markings on the ground are missing.

I hope that this issue can be fixed in the next airport/navigation update.


IFAET has been noted. Action will hopefully be taken.


This still hasn’t been fixed with the new airport/navigation update. Why is that?

IFAET are volunteers.

They sacrifice countless amounts of time for the benefit of us as a whole. However, they have lives, and other priorities. Just be patient, don’t complain, and it’ll be fixed whenever someone has time to fix it.

In short, there are other priorities that need to be fixed.


Because editors fix what they want to fix and if it’s not at the top of their priorities, they won’t fix it

I said hopefully, not

will be fixed.

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Honestly, at this point, if you are going to keep critiquing the airport editing team it would be best that you strongly consider joining them to assist in their efforts. As a former editor, help is always appreciated, the group is very fun to work with and you’ll have a new appreciation for everything that they do.

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