Missing Frequency

I was landing at KLAX, ground sent me a guard message while I was still on runway so I ignored it until I had B-747-8F completely off the runway. Once I got it off runway and stopped on taxiway, I contacted Tower to change frequency. I got approved for change in frequency to ground.

Behold, there was no ground frequency for me to select. There were two frequency options, Tower and Unicom. Ground keep on sending me guard message, but I had no ground frequency shown for me to select. I’m not sure if someone was playing troll on me by going on and off. It eventually appeared after I already taxied to nearby gate.


It happens some times it’s just a connection issue of sorts. Happens on the ATC side of things as well as an unknown aircraft.


Figured it was something like that. I will still suspect it as attempt from controller to troll me, it was on TS1. Lol. Thanks for providing the solution.

The best thing to do is not to taxi without clearance, as long as the ground appears to be active or sending guard warnings.

This is common. I have gotten this many times before

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Someone correct me but I don’t think you need to request freq change to ground once youre on the taxiway

Not relevant. But no you don’t.


The only variance here is the freq change authorization is included in the exit command, which is absent here. But, yeah, TS, not really the point.

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I did stop to request taxi clearance like I said in my first post, but there was no ground frequency for me to select so I couldn’t send the request. My plane was still blocking an exit point on 24L so I figured that the best option was to taxi to nearest parking area.

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