Missing Fixes and VORs

I hope this is a PM and not a new topic. I have a list for fixs and vors that I cant find. I am using Sky Vector to get this information. All are in the USA but all the longitude in the northern hemisphere are minus… don’t know why. I will give all of them with the longitude minus…
DINGO N 32°29.74’ W -111°32.66’
BLH N 33°35.76’ W -114°45.68’ (VOR)
DOTSS N 33°38.65’ W -117°47.72’
WIILD N 33°30.29’ W -117°14.00’
BLCKD N 33°29.53’ W -116°25.47’
CSTWY N 33°29.16’ W -116°02.05’
CNERY N 33°37.06’ W -115°34.95’
SALOMN 33°30.97’ W -113°53.33’
Like I said this is using the Sky Nav and Flight aware web site. These fixs and vor are going from KLAX to KTUS via DOTSS2 CNERY  BLH J50 GBN DINGO5 KTUS .
Thanks for your time with this and thx for your any your teams hard work.

Well this is a new topic :P

But im sure that these will be added in over time

They are working on a method to report missing vor/waypoints. In the mean time, all you can do is hang tight.



Our navigation database is currently under reconstruction so therefore, we are unable to add any new waypoints at this current time.

As @Chris_S said, it’s best to wait at this stage. We are aware of the missing waypoints and VORs. :)

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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