Missing Features At Airports

So I just flew from KATL to KJAN and I like to use flightaware to use the same gates and aircrafts and I just realized something missing in KJAN. Some gates like Gate 17, and Gate 19 are not added at the airport. If anyone who works on airports at Infinite Flight, could you please look at this and add the missing gates. Also some other airports that problems like that like KLGA, and KSLC. Thanks for reading and happy flying!

Hello, @AviationMaster28!

First, welcome to the community! Second, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Concerning KJAN, unfortunately, due to internal changes within Infinite Flight, the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET) cannot make any changes to airports until further notice. As a result, any update to KJAN must wait.

Regarding LGA and SLC, we are very aware of the construction that is ongoing/completed. Lamentably, just like mentioned above, neither of these airports can be edited due to the restrictions in place.

We hope that these restrictions will be lifted within the near future and promise to resume delivering quality airports as soon as possible!

Have a fantastic day/night!


Adding on, even if IFAET editors could edit airports right now, KSLC’s new terminal wouldn’t be added due to the lack of recent satellite imagery. The new terminal at KSLC has been brought up numerous times in the past, and though IFAET are as eager as you to add the terminal, it cannot be done without updated satellite imagery to build upon.


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