Missing Country on InfiniteX


I was looking at InfiniteX yesterday when I noticed that the country of Montenegro was missing on the map. It seems to have had its Serbian border erased.

Here’s what I see:

Screenshot (104)2

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Maybe the country just disappeared. Who knows.


This is actually pretty common. The borders aren’t perfect. But good eye finding this.

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This would be something to ask the developer, @ A-FitzGerald

Its still there lol, it used to be called Serbia & Montenegro. So Montenegro is still there it just isnt separted from Serbia here

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I know about that; I think they split in 2006. However I’m sure this application was designed a long time after that so it should have the newer map.

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Yea, I mean its still accurate basically all the cities and airports are still there the only thing that is missing is the border around it but if that doesnt affect you too much everything else shluld be pretty much there