Missing Capital Letter - TAM Airlines.

In the callsign selector TAM is missing a capital letter.

I know it’s not much…


Oh my word face palm this is so small does it really warrant a topic?


Well yes because this IF is a business that should have professional standards, which it does maintain but errors do slip.


A Frog for you !
Infinite Flight has professionalism in a lot of things.
This topic help making IF more realistic


Precisely the point!

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I’m pretty sure that isn’t necessary.

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And JetStar has an extra capital letter. If you search it up it is simply Jetstar.

Seriously it’s bigger things who need an fix and you complain about this omg

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Oh you mean like the 2848292 features you used to request a day?

Don’t get triggered…


Taking to me or ??

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Guys don’t start a fight stay on topic

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Agree with all 3 of you


Guys he has created a topic about something in Infinite Flight getting fixed. He’s now had a mouthful of abuse from other members in the forums. I can say for the first time I’m ashamed to be a part of this community if this is how others are going to be treated.

‘Unless you have something nice to say don’t say it’


It is a mistake that needs to be corrected, eventually, so yes it does warrant a topic.

Blimey, considering some of the feature requests that get put up here, at least this one is actually constructive and something that can actually be done.


You misunderstood me😂, I was talking to the Wren guy

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This will probs be in the next quick fix.

or might be with global


I know that this might be minor, But I think it should be fixed. Though it may not be a priority but I would like to see this fixed in the future. Please don’t argument just because he is requesting a minor point. We are supposed to get along with others.

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I suggest you can just contact David in PM for this error. Well I don’t think capitalization for that is nassesary which don’t affect you along with the game:)

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Yes I agree. Above of your post, it’s a playground chat


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