Missing callsigns

I have found some callsigns that are missing in IF. Those are: Lauda Motion, Austrojet (Level Anisec), Peoples, Slovaktravel (Smartwings Slovakia), Skytravel (Smartwings), Travel Service and Galileo (AirExplore). We don’t have the liveries in IF, but I would like to fly routes of these airlines with generic livery.

What can I do with that? I searched through the IFC but all topic regarding missing callsigns have been closed.


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If you would like something to be potentially added to IF should be posted in #features :)

But if they’ve been closed, there’s probably a reason as to why they’re closed:)

I don’t think it is good to make a feature request for every missing callsign.

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So then what’s the point of this topic?

Is there some list of missing callsigns or where should I write these missing callsigns to get them added?

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