Missing callsign label on the aircraft.

I think that would be when the aircraft graphics are loading, but the box is still shown. It could also be that the airspace is not busy but the aircraft is still too far away to be shown.

For the airspace most likely it is true, but I’m experiencing it on the ground just while controlling whatever frequency on Training server 1. It is always correctly shown while I was flying, or on the ground as a pilot, not as a ATC.

Anyway, Thank you for your help :)

Probably because you have to load more aircraft around you as ATC. Hope I have helped you!

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Update to this issue that this is only occur at the R 25L and R 25R.
For R 24L and R 24R, it is shown as normal. Again I did everything I could do, so can anyone have a solution for this?
I got what is the probable cause is… But it was working properly before I updated the IF to the latest version (with 787)

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