Missing callsign label on the aircraft.

I was trying to control KLAX Tower, and I realised that some aircrafts shown thier callsign on top, but most of them aren’t which makes really hard to control because there is just dot without callsign. While I was flying KSAN-KNUC all aircrafts around me were shown with callsign. When I used “free” camera same sort of bug? happened.

Taken at KSAN. You can see that one behind me have callsign on top, but an aircraft on final doesn’t (callsign suddenly disappered when it’s got close to me.)

I already tried restoring, reinstalling the app, so mostlikely a bug.

Settings info:
Airplane count: high
OS: IOS 9 current latest at the posted date.

P.S I searched topic before I post this, but I couldn’t find one.

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They are to far away, that’s why you can’r see their names

If you zoom into the B787 you will see his callsign label

Go to settings and put the aircraft count or showing (I don’t have my phone) on high or very high

I believe this is an Aircraft Distance Render, it happens to me aswell if too many planes are bunched up. However, I’ve never actually had an instance of a plane not having any info. Unknown aircraft are sometimes an occourance.

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Although, this was in KLAX (different to the pic above) I couldn’t see the callsign even I zoomed up really close. Unfortunatly I was straggling and controlling tower, so no photoes could be taken.

Please read this.

This is a new picture.


I wish you can identify this problem.
As I said above, I tried all thing I could do.

No need to tag them

Just a rendering/plane count problem. Change your settings.

Well, if you can spot the problem please do so otherwise please don’t say so, or ignore this post.

It’s actually against community rules to tag moderators. Please don’t. Just message them if it’s important.

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As I written above, aircraft count is very high, and I reinstalled the app for twice now. Is there any settings I can adjust? And even though aircraft is shown dots, callsign should be shown. Since I could see the callsign while I was flying.

Just for your info.
Aircraft quality - high

No, callsigns are not shown if the actual aircraft isn’t shown. Please make a feature request if that’s what you want

No, callsigns are always shown as long as they are near, or even 40 NM away while flying. For ATC, every aircraft is shown especially while they on ground.

I’m sorry, while using the camera views and aircraft are shown as boxes, callsigns do not appear

It’s alright, so is it changed in the latest update? I’m sure I was able to see the callsign visually from the tower (for inbound traffic / final and departing traffic / holding short)

No, it was never like that. Be sure to request that if you want to be able to see the callsigns!

Like this. Navy 5 is shown as a dot, but callsign is still shown.

I might not good at explaing by words, can you look at the picture below to just confirm that I told you the right information?