Missing Callsign Database

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|Swiss Air Force|SWISS AIR FORCE|Source |

Please check Infinite Flight carefully before adding a new callsign to the list.

For example, Air Nostrum is already included under “Iberia Regional”. Thanks!


Here’s a good one
United Airways (BD)|United Bangladesh|source

Hehe 😄. I hope you will enjoy it

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Airline Callsign Source
Dassault Falcon Service DASSAULT Source

This one is already in IF, but the callsign is currently incorrect:

Westjet Encore|ENCORE|Source

Not to be confused with Eastern Airways

Airline Callsign Source
Eastern Airlines EASTERN Source

Adding on to the discussion, I’m a little confused with all the callsigns being added to the list - are these callsigns applicable to the fleet in-app? As it seems a little strange to add so many callsigns if they can’t be used with a current livery, or realistically with a generic livery…

Edit: Thanks @ItsBlitz - read that late last night and forgot about it after reading the replies just now lol

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@Rock77, here’s Tyler’s explanation.

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Thank you Tyler!

This is very much needed in Infinite Flight…

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Here are some important corporate operators of the Citation X:

XOJET Aviation LLC | EXOJET | Source

Mountain Aviation | FOOT HILLS | Source

Wheels Up - Gama Aviation | GAMA JET | Source

Let’s give more love to Asians airlines.

Airline Callsign Hyperlinked Source
Hong Kong Airlines BAUHINIA Source

Last one I swear

Airline  Callsign  Source

Air Macau | AIR MACAU | Source

HK Express | HONGKONG SHUTTLE | Source

Safarilink Aviation | SAFARILINK | Source

Mesaba Airlines | MESABA | Source

Birgenair | BIRGENAIR | Source

Maersk Air | MAERSKAIR | Source

Maersk Air UK | BLUESTAR | Source

JMC Air | JMC | Source

Aeroperu | AEROPERU | Source

Air Côte d’Ivoire | COTE D’IVORE | Source

LTU International | LTU | Source

Sabena | SABENA | Source

Austral Líneas Aéreas | AUSTRAL | Source

Felix Airways | FELIX | Source

Southern Airways Express | FRIENDLY | Source

Pobeda | POBEDA | Source

Blue1 | BLUEFINN | Source

(for blue1) not really missing but callsigns needs to be corrected since its the ACTUAL Callsign and not (Blue One) in Game

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Airline Callsign Hyperlinked Source
Chalair CHALAIR Source

My lawyers advised me that due to the lack of financial funds, proceeding with a lawsuit would not be a wise decision. Something along the lines of “hahaha ur poor, u can’t afford stuff”. I think I need new lawyers.

They did mention that due to a lack of “branch”, I had acted in accordance with the guidelines laid out.

All jokes aside, I’m really not familiar with military callsigns, and I haven’t got a clue which military these belong to. If you clarify that, I’ll be happy to add them

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Squadrons are in the second column, all are from the United States :)

I’d be happy to give you some lawyer recommendations for the next time your piano needs shaving.

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Should all be on there now, let me know if they need altering

Would love some recommendations. They also advised against me shaving my piano, but what can I say. It’s a musical and a mutual relationship.