Missing Callsign Database

I already requested SkyJet ๐Ÿ˜‚ guess it never got added

Airline:BUFFALO Airways
Call sign:BUFFALO

Airline:Summit Air-
Call sign:SUMMIT

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Airline Callsign Source
Ewa Air MAYOTTE AIR Eva Air - Wikipedia
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Please read initial post and use the appropriate formatting for these call signs to be added. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ‘

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Just searched โ€˜reachโ€™ and โ€˜callsignโ€™ and Iโ€™d definitely love to see the Reach callsign on IF. Definitely a few out there in the skies since the United States Air Force is (YES, I am MORE than well aware that it is for the Coast Guard) but describes of the the United States Miltary that the USAF is, โ€œSemper Paratus.โ€

Airline Callsign Source
Embry Riddle Riddle Source
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Airline Callsign Source
TUS Airways TUS AIR TUS Airways - Wikipedia
Silver Air SILVERLINE Silver Air (Czech Republic) - Wikipedia
DAT DANISH DAT (airline) - Wikipedia
Copenhagen AirTaxi AIRCAT Copenhagen AirTaxi - Wikipedia
Nordic Regional Airlines FINNCOMM Nordic Regional Airlines - Wikipedia
Lufthansa City Airlines CITY AIR Lufthansa City Airlines - Wikipedia
Sylt Air SYLT-AIR Sylt Air - Wikipedia
Lumiwings LUMI Lumiwings - Wikipedia
Marathon Airlines MARATHON Marathon Airlines - Wikipedia
AeroItalia AEROITALIA AeroItalia - Wikipedia
Sky Alps SKYALPS Sky Alps - Wikipedia
Transaviabaltika TRANSBALTIKA Transaviabaltika - Wikipedia
KM Malta Airlines SKY KNIGHT KM Malta Airlines - Wikipedia
Universal Air UNIVERSALAIR Universal Air - Wikipedia
AIS Airlines SPINNER AIS Airlines - Wikipedia
TAP Express PORTUGAL EXPRESS TAP Express - Wikipedia
Sevenair Air Services SEVAIR Sevenair Air Services - Wikipedia
World2Fly Portugal NEW BLUE World2Fly Portugal - Wikipedia
Dan Air DAN AIR Dan Air (Romania) - Wikipedia
World2Fly BLUE WORLD World2Fly - Wikipedia
Braathens Regional Airlines BRAATHENS Braathens Regional Airlines - Wikipedia
Jonair JONAIR Jonair - Wikipedia
Air Dilijans NIKA Air Dilijans - Wikipedia
Armenia Airways ARMENIA Armenia Airways - Wikipedia
Armenian Airlines APRICOT Armenian Airlines - Wikipedia
FlyOne Armenia ARMRIDER FlyOne Armenia - Wikipedia
Shirak Avia SHIRAK Shirak Avia - Wikipedia
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