Missing Callsign Database

Hi @Alexorlov

Thanks for your response. Appreciate the swift reply.

Understood, about callsigns in game being added / removed. I can only speak on my behalf, however I recognise other callsign requests align with aircraft, already in the sim too.

Being a key member of IFAE-Global Air Forces, European Air Force. All my requests are aligned with aircraft already in the sim or future additions.

All my callsign requests currently accepted, represent (bar five for a imminent aircraft arrival) are for units that we replicate in the sim, that utilise aircraft already in game. In addition some are amendments, for callsigns incorrectly implemented.

I understand that there’s a lot of callsigns, already in game, that don’t affiliate with any aircraft, airlines or military units. However we in GAF try to keep the realism alive for IFC. In addition unfortunately we don’t get, any additional liveries and regularly have to use what we have access too.

If it’s beneficial I can message you a breakdown of our units & frames we use. For a better understanding.

Many thanks


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Could you give some insights why Ibom Air, a livery that came on the A220 wasn’t added despite multiple requests and it being on the list?

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I don’t know why it wasn’t added, we don’t add these callsigns to the game, only to the list above, it’s the task for devs.

United States Department of Justice
Call sign (Justice)