Missing Callsign Database

Camber call sign flights are from USTRANSCOM ATOs for the CRAF but still have AMC Mission numbers and flight follows in GDSS/C2IPS.

When are the call signs actually going to be added into the game. Maybe I don’t quite understand the purpose of the database because I figured they would be added in every new update. Can someone please let me know how it works?


It has been mentioned by Cam (Staff developer) that new callsigns from this database will not be added until the callsign section of the app is reworked. There has not been any timeline on when this will happen but hase been mentioned that it is in the works so we will all have to keep an eye out in #announcements for when this happens.

Until then we will just have to make do with the callsigns we have got and just keep on working on this database for the future.

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Thanks. I must have missed Cam’s post.

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