Missing Callsign Database

This is a database for all missing callsigns on Infinite Flight and will be used as a reference by Developers to ensure the correct callsign is added in-app when a new livery is introduced.

Callsign requests in #features for carriers without a livery on Infinite Flight are not authorized.

List a missing callsign by leaving a comment in the following format:

|Name of Airline|Callsign|Hyperlinked Source|`

Callsign requests may not be made via PM to Staff and will be directed to this database. Callsigns listed below will be deleted once added to Infinite Flight.

TL3 Instructions:
Maintain the database by inserting the missing callsign from the comments into the appropriate category (Airline or Military) and in the correct format shown below. Any comments not in the right format should not be added and request additional revisions.

Note: Only one user can edit a topic at a time.

Airline Callsigns

Airline Callsign Source
21 Air CARGO SOUTH Source
Airasia Japan Wing Asia Source
Air Europa Express AERONOVA Source
AirExplore GALILEO Source
Air India Express Express India Source
Air Italy Air Italy Source
Air Slovakia SLOVAKIA Source
Alliance Air Allied Source
ATA Airlines (Iran) ATALAR Source
Avelo Airlines AVELO Source
Breeze Airways MOXY Source
Finist’air FINISTAIR Source
Fuji Dream Airlines FUJI DREAM Source
Go First/GoAir Go First Source
JetLite/Jet Konnect Lite Jet Source
Jubba Airways JUBBA Source
Mann Yadanarpon Mann Royal Source
Smartwings Hungary TRAVEL SERVICE Source
Smartwings Poland JETTRAVEL Source
Smartwings Slovakia SLOVAK TRAVEL Source
Volaris Costa Rica COSTA RICAN Source
Volaris El Salvador JETSAL Source
Wiggins Airways WIGGINS AIRWAYS Source

Military Callsigns

Branch & Squadron Callsign Source
USAF KC-135R 91st ARS, MacDill AFB BOLT Source
Irish Air Corps Irish Source
122nd FW/163rd FS IN ANG Ft Wayne IN BOILER Source


Company Callsign Source
FINFO Flight Inspection Aircraft FLIGHT CHECK Source
FltPlan DOT COM Source
ForeFlight FOREFLIGHT Source
WMU Skybronco Source
New brazilian callsign prefix PS-ABC Source
Saint Louis University Billiken Source
Purdue University Purdue Source

This idea is better than previously just creating a bunch of #features request. Looking forward to updating it!


Thank you @Tyler_Shelton for this topic! 👍
This is much better than creating many #features request of these!

Airline Callsign Hyperlinked Source
Air Arabia Maroc ARABIA MAROC Source
Airline Callsign Source
I-Fly Russian Sky Source

|Air Dolomiti|DOLOMITI|https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Dolomiti|

Airline Callsign Hyperlinked Source
Air Arabia (Normal) ARABIA Source
Airline Callsign Hyperlinked Source
Ladeco LADECO Source

|Red Wings|AIR RED|Source|
|Air Sénégal|SENSA|Source|
|Air Tanzania|TANZANIA|Source|
|Air Vanuatu|IR VAN|Source|
|Rossiya Airlines|ROSSIYA|Source|
|Lübeck Air (operated by Air Alsie)|MERMAID (by Air Alsie)|Source|
|Air Serbia|AIR SERBIA|Source|
|Air Albania|AIR ALBLANIA|Source|
|Sun Express|SUNEXPRESS|Source|
|Pegasus Airlines|SUNTURK|Source|


Added those!

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Already into the sim. 👍

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When did that happen?

Are we allowed to request airlines that do not have a livery in IF?

When we PMed Cameron between March - July 2020.

No. This is a callsign request thread

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Oh wow! Thats cool! Now we only need the liveries xD

I meant request call signs, sorry, we can request call signs of airlines that dont have a livery?

Yeah you can request the callsign of that airline here but it will only come once the livery is published

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Yes sir!

Most of these are pretty new or weird af airlines. RiP Pegasus, the new spirit/ryanair.